«Why did nobody tell me about it sooner?!»

When I founded CleanCup in 2017, it was because I wanted to make the menstrual cup an accessible alternative for more menstruating people. Four years ago, there were still few in Norway who had knowledge of menstrual cups. Among those who had heard about the cup, many probably thought that it was most relevant for hippies - at least not particularly relevant as an alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons.

When I tried the menstrual cup for the first time in 2015, I was absolutely stunned that no one had told me about this comfortable and practical option before. Why is it not presented in school, in the same way as the disposable products?! My mission with CleanCup is to make both the product and information on menstrual health, available to all menstruators.

Since 2016, I have worked to increase knowledge of menstrual cups, in parallel with product development and improvement, in order to offer a completely unique menstrual cup on the market; namely CleanCup.

The vision behind CleanCup is to ensure that people with periode lose opportunities or are held back due to menstruation.

A one woman show.

I'm Lene, the founder and CEO of CleanCup. When I tried menstrual cup myself for the first time, it did not take long before the I had the desire to make this sustainable, practical, wonderful little product available to everyone. I could not stop talking about all the benefits of the menstrual cup! If you've tried menstrual cup yourself, maybe you're familiar with the feeling? In addition to taking care of the day to day tasks, marketing and product development of CleanCup (and you know… all other things, which by the way are surprisingly many), I do customer service and try to make information about the menstrual cup easy to find. If you contact CleanCup through social media, on e-mail or the website here, then it is me you'll hear back from!

When I say that CleanCup is a "one woman show", it is a truth with modifications; I have had many good helpers along the way, although I have mostly run CleanCup alone. It has been driven by commitment and a burning desire to improve conditions for people with periods, rather than formal competence and actual knowledge of what it takes to start a brand all by yourself.